I do not mean to keep harping on Boston sports, even though I am from there and follow my home teams more than any other, but there have been so many sports stories coming out of there that I cannot ignore them.  Even the Boston Celtics have made it into the headlines this week.

First, the coach, Doc Rivers, was TRADED to the LA Clippers.  This was big news because trading a coach is virtually unheard of but Danny Ainge, the Celtics General Manager, somehow pulled it off.  Doc was with the Celtics for 9 years and we had pretty consistent success.  Now, we need to say goodbye to two additional key cogs in the Celtics engine, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  These players were two-thirds of the Boston Big Three Party (play on Boston Tea Party) who won the city an NBA championship in 2008.  They have been traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Paul Pierce has been with the Celtics since 1998 and that is saying something in today’s business of sports.  I really wish him well with his new team.

In the sports world, this is called the end of an era.  Ladies, the Boston Celtics have broken up and I am sad.

Back to baseball… because it is America’s pastime there are numerous sites that you can search that will tell you the rules of the game, name the equipment used and reference the acronyms that make up the stats books.  My goal is to get you interested in your man’s team, or your own team, so you want to start learning the rules of the game and everything that comes with it.  My first recommendation, after you learn your man’s team name, is to visit the MLB standings page.  Find where they are in the standings list and take note.  You can easily begin a discussion with your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, uncle, et al, using the information you glean from this page.

Let me walk you through it.  First, you’ll have a breakdown of the different teams by league and division.  There are two leagues that make up the whole of  Major League Baseball, the American and National Leagues.  Each year, the best team from each of these leagues will play in the World Series to determine the Major League Baseball Champion.  Each league has three divisions:  East, Central and West.  The team is placed in their division primarily based on location.  The teams in the division play each other 19 times throughout the season which creates some great and historic rivalries between the teams and players (see, the drama can be found everywhere).

Now, the top team in each division makes it to the playoffs.  This is based on the record of the team.  If you have more wins, you are at the top of the list.  So, the first 3 columns are pretty self-explanatory:  W for win, L for loss and PCT is the percentage of wins.  Baseball depends on its statistics so they make up a stat even where there does not need to be one.  This might be why your man sounds like he is speaking another language when he is play-arguing his point as to why so-and-so is the best third baseman of all time (Mike Schmidt).

The next column is GB which stands for Games Back.  This stat becomes VERY important towards the end of the regular season because if your team is not in the division lead, they are X number of games back of the lead and if they do not catch up and pass the leader, they do not make into the playoffs.  Devastating if it is close.  If it is not close, then thank goodness for football!

I am going to skip over WCGB because it is not important right now but I’ll tell you it stands for Wild Card Games Back.  That is a conversation for a different day.

The rest is, again, pretty self-explanatory:  the record for the team’s last 10 games (L10), the streak of the team (STRK), the team’s home and away record (HOME) and (ROAD), the last game results and the next game on the schedule.

Finding out where your team is in the standings is very important, especially after the all-star break which is coming up in mid-July, so get into the habit of visiting the standings page.  Knowing the next game on the schedule and where that team sits in the standings compared to your man’s team could make for some excited chatter between you two.  Especially if you pick a different, rival team to follow.  Hint, hint…

My plan for today was to write more about baseball in general but today’s biggest news is not related to baseball and the purpose of this blog is to focus on current sporting events.  I may still add some baseball facts later on so check back.

Here is a little bit of off the field drama that may just catapult the drama-hungry woman, like me, into the world of sports:  Aaron Hernandez is a football player for the New England Patriots.  He plays the position of Tight End.  He is very, very good.  Last week, one of his friends with whom he was partying with, was shot multiple times and found by a jogger less than a mile from Hernandez’s house in Massachusetts.  Hernandez immediately became a suspect and has been under investigation ever since.  Finally, today, he was arrested which was expected.  What was not expected is that the New England Patriots fired him immediately.  Aaron Hernandez is not having a good day.  This is a very interesting story and certainly will provide you and your man a lot of material for conversation.  Follow up on the details of the story from ESPN.

Now, what makes this interesting from a football perspective is that Hernandez was expected to be the number one Tight End for the Patriots for this upcoming season.  The Patriots have been a top echelon team for over a decade.  The release of Hernandez brings into question how good can the Patriots be next year?  All eyes are going to be on the Pats, whether you are a fan of the team or not, so every girl should pay attention to their record for her man.

The other side of the story is that the Patriots recently signed Tim Tebow who was a shining star in college football but has not yet made an impact in the NFL.  But not for lack of trying.  He is definitely a media favorite and is talked about every week regardless of whether or not he plays.  He entered the NFL as a quarterback but could be re-positioned as a Tight End and probably will in light of this Hernandez situation.  If Tebow makes the team, which is still up in the air through camp, we will be watching his performance with bated breath.

This is situation is really something girls can get into and it has nothing to do with X’s and O’s (rules of the game).

Well, Chicago did win the Stanley Cup last night.  It was an amazing playoff and both teams should be proud of their accomplishments.  The break between now and the beginning of the next hockey season is short.  If your man is missing hockey in midsummer, get him to watch Miracle or Slapshot to get his fill.  He’ll appreciate your efforts.

So, now the cheese stands alone…baseball.  We are very lucky baseball is our national pastime.  It brings to mind lazy summer days, games under the lights and cold beers.  A baseball game is a great opportunity for a date night with your guy or spending some time with your dad, brother or favorite uncle.  If you are single, grab your wing-girl and head to a game on your own.  You might meet a handsome baseball fan.

I’ll help you with the basics so you can enjoy the game.  Turn to your man to learn more details; he’ll be excited about your interest and feel needed when you ask him to explain this or that.

Email me your questions to get this conversation started!

We are fast approaching the part of the year when only one sport remains in action, baseball.  This does not mean that the other sports stop functioning.  Each team within each league operate as a business all year round.  But because there are not as many games to watch, you may see your man more willing to see a movie or host a backyard BBQ or go for an all day beach outing.  Spending some time alone with him gives you the chance to discuss the tidbit of facts you’ll get from visiting this blog so check back often.  I am starting anew and promise to keep you updated with all the goings on in the sports world.

With that in mind, we head into tonight which is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  Chicago has a chance to win the Stanley Cup on Boston’s ice which would be terrible for the home team fans, although you will see a handful remaining in their seats for just a glimpse of the cup ceremony.  Surprise your man and ask to watch it as it is very moving.  If Chicago does win tonight, there will be a handshake line, a speech from the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman whom the crowd will boo.  (You should boo too and watch your man’s eyes grow wide wondering how you knew to do it.)  Then, there will be a hand off of the cup from player to player in pecking order.  Usually the guys with the most tenure or the player who had a greater impact gets it first.  The player holding the cup will skate around the rink holding it high.  This is a feat in itself because I imagine the player is so tired from skating so hard all game, all season, then to hoist the 35 pound cup over their heads!  They hardly notice, I am sure, because they have been waiting for this moment since they could skate.

If the Boston Bruins win, then you’ll have to endure one more game but hopefully it will not be that bad now that you know what is at stake!

The unofficial start of the baseball season is here with the arrival of pitchers, catchers and players to spring training.  There are two different spring training camps, the Cactus League and the Grapefruit League.  Each league has a number of teams assigned to it and the players live in that area for the next 45 days, warming up, hitting batting practice (BP) and getting back in shape.  The teams play each other in front of a live audience.  The Cactus League plays in the greater Phoenix area in Arizona and the Grapefruit League can be found within the state of Florida.  Each team has its own spring training park just like in the majors.  Some teams spend a great deal of money to build extraordinary spring training fields…just to practice!

I am lucky enough to live in Arizona and have traveled to many different spring training parks.  There is nothing like being outside, laying in a sea of green grass because we only buy tickets for the lawn, getting an early tan.  Because these games do not count in the official record, it is really fun to people watch.  Even the hardcore fan cannot help but getting a glimpse of  ‘did you see that walking by?’

Sisters, regardless of whether you live in Arizona, Florida or any other state, your man is a baseball fan.  Find out the name of his favorite team and look up the Cactus League and Grapefruit League to find where his team plays spring training.  Next year, make plans to get out of dodge and visit the team’s park.  Start trying to use sports to compromise; take a couple of days to watch a game or two then get your guy to agree to a spa day or a shopping spree.

I am originally from Boston.  I physically live in Arizona now because you do not have to shovel sunshine but my sports heart lives in Boston.  And why not?  In the last nine years, each of the four major sports teams has won one at least one championship and before that the Boston Celtics (basketball) had Larry Bird.

It is very exciting to be from a sports town.  I have dated mostly Boston sports fans too but I have dabbled in other sports cities like Chicago and now Pittsburgh.  It has really given me an appreciation for other city sports traditions.  For example, the Chicago Cubs (baseball) have a song they play at the end of every winning game and I love it!  It is called Go Cubs Go.  I love this song so much that I just bought tickets to my first Spring Training game this season, San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs, this Sunday, where I will root for the Cubs to win so I can sing along.


Welcome to my blog, Gals Got Game.  Check out the subject of this site by visiting the About page.  If it piques your interest, move to the First Date page.  Keep checking back as I will keep the site, and you, updated with pertinent sports information.  Use it to get the attention from your man that you deserve.  Just do it by speaking his language.

Coming soon, Movie Night and Second Date pages along with more posts about today’s sports news.