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We are girls therefore we are emotional (I call it passionate).  We cannot help it and we really should not try to fight it.  In fact, embrace it and enjoy it.  Especially when it comes to sports movies.  Sports movies are written to evoke emotion and passion in all kinds of movie-goers, including women.  We dismiss these movies because the underlying theme is sports.  Unfortunately, you are missing out on an opportunity to learn about why your man is so passionate about his sports, his sports team or his favorite athlete.  An added bonus is that these movies are generally based on true stories so you will set a foundation for which you can build an emotional connection while learning the history of the sport.  Now you can speak up, confidently, when the men in the room begin discussing sports facts.  How exciting when all of the eyes and ears turn to you and nod in agreement.

Below, I will list a few sports themed movies that I really enjoyed so the next time your guy asks you what movie to rent, you can pick from my recommendations.  He may be so appreciative, you may not make it past the opening credits.

1.  Miracle.  For me, this is hands down the best sports movie of all time.  It is about the 1980 USA Hockey Team winning the gold medal when they were complete underdogs.  First, every single actor in this movie is great-looking.  Congratulations to casting!  Second, there are a lot of good one-liners that still cause my sister and I to chuckle.  Third, because this is a true story, I am so happy for the coaches, the players and the fans that were witness to such an extraordinary feat that can truly be coined a ‘miracle.’  I cry every time.

2.  Rudy.  Every male that I know that has watched this movie shed a tear.  This story is about family, dedication, hard work and believing in a dream.  It is also about Notre Dame football.  Sports fans today probably saw themselves in Rudy’s shoes as a kid which is why it is so touching and realistic.

3.  Field of Dreams.  Here is a story, not about a team or an athlete, but about being a fan.  There are a lot of good baseball history tidbits in this movie.

4.  Bull Durham.  This is a very sexy movie with laugh out loud moments.  Kevin Costner speaks a monologue to Susan Sarandon that men across the country memorized because I am sure they thought they were being romantic.  They were right.

5.  Eight Men Out.  This is a sad movie because it is a true story and good players were punished because of their association to the team, the Chicago White Sox.  Again, you could learn a little about baseball’s history while still being entertained by a young, cute John Cusack.

6.  Love and Basketball.  Every time this movie is on TV and I am flipping channels, I stop to watch.  I love love.  I also love it when the women beat the men at their own game.  This movie has both.

7.  Hoosiers.  This is the quintessential underdog story and it is a true one!  Sometimes it feels as though basketball was born from Indiana and maybe it is because of this movie.  This movie proves that practice is important to a team’s success.  And Jimmy Chitwood.

8.  Major League.  All fans of a perennial crappy team wish this was a true story but, unfortunately, this movie is purely for entertainment.

9.  The Sandlot.  This is a funny movie that most guys can relate to when they look back at their childhood.  You may start to hear of his little league accomplishments half way through the movie.

10.  Rocky.  No sports movie list is complete without naming this movie.  At the end of Rocky IV, my mom and actually jumped off the couch in celebration like we were in the stands.  I want to go run a mile on the beach just thinking about this movie.

So the above list is not all inclusive and may change as discussion on this site evolves.  I included movies mostly relating to the four major sports but please do not forget about other good sports movies like Seabiscuit, Days of Thunder, Bend it Like Beckham, Tin Cup…  OK, those are not for date night but give them a try on a night when he is out with the guys.

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