If you are looking to break into your man’s wide world of sports, baseball is definitely the easiest avenue to take.  It is a slow moving, deliberate game which means you do not have to watch every play but it is just as engaging as any other sport.  For some reason, it elicits more loyalty and emotion from your man than any other sport and you may wonder who it is sitting next to you.  It may be because it signifies spring and the smell of fresh air and hot, roasted peanuts.  It may be the sounds of the crowd or the crack of the bat delivering the home run ball out of the park.  Personally, I think it is because every guy has a chance to play baseball regardless of how big they are or how fast they run or how high they jump.  Can you throw, can you catch?  If so, then your man and his friends can play at the park or in the back yard or in the street.  Just be sure to move your car.

In baseball, there is an offense and defense.  The boys at the plate are on offense which means the players on the field are on defense.  There are 9 innings to a baseball game.  The home team takes the field first which means the away team has the first chance at-bat.  Each inning is divided into 2 parts, the top of and the bottom of whichever inning number.  The away team is always at the plate during the top of the innings and the home team at the bottom.  If you follow this logic that means the home team always has last chance at-bat if they are losing going into the 9th and last inning.  If the game is tied at the end of the 9th inning, then the game goes into extra innings.  There is no time limit on a baseball game.  We play until one team has the lead over the other and the home team has had their last chance at-bat.

The catcher, who kneels behind the plate, controls the game and calls for the pitch by signaling the pitcher with signs from between his legs.  The pitcher then sends the ball over the plate.  There is no limit on the number of pitches.  The at-bat ends when the hitter strikes out or hits the ball in bounds or the pitcher walks the hitter to first base.  This means the pitcher threw the ball out of the strike zone 4 times.  A walk is not a good thing for the pitcher.  Three strikes and the hitter is out.  Three outs and the teams switch sides.  The defense can cause an out by catching the ball hit into the air or throwing it to a base the runner is advancing towards.  The offense scores a run by crossing home plate.

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