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It has been a long NFL football season and it is playoff time!  I am sure that you are aware if the team your man supports is in the playoffs, or not, based on his mood these past few weekends.  The happy news is that my husband’s team did make the playoffs so I worked it out in my favor.  I love getting ready to go out; luckily my new Deck of Scarlet palette arrived just in time…  So, I invited my husband and brother-in-law out to watch the game, making it seem like it was their idea.

I did some research on the best sports bar in the area and we chose Zipps Sports Grille in Gilbert, hired my youngest step daughter to babysit my nephew and viola! my sister and I have a night on the town, starting with the football game!  Now, I get it that some gals might not think watching football is a perfect date, but I bet your man does and, in my opinion, any reason to look and smell pretty is a win!  Hopefully a win-win if his team does well.