Category: Hockey

We are fast approaching the part of the year when only one sport remains in action, baseball.  This does not mean that the other sports stop functioning.  Each team within each league operate as a business all year round.  But because there are not as many games to watch, you may see your man more willing to see a movie or host a backyard BBQ or go for an all day beach outing.  Spending some time alone with him gives you the chance to discuss the tidbit of facts you’ll get from visiting this blog so check back often.  I am starting anew and promise to keep you updated with all the goings on in the sports world.

With that in mind, we head into tonight which is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  Chicago has a chance to win the Stanley Cup on Boston’s ice which would be terrible for the home team fans, although you will see a handful remaining in their seats for just a glimpse of the cup ceremony.  Surprise your man and ask to watch it as it is very moving.  If Chicago does win tonight, there will be a handshake line, a speech from the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman whom the crowd will boo.  (You should boo too and watch your man’s eyes grow wide wondering how you knew to do it.)  Then, there will be a hand off of the cup from player to player in pecking order.  Usually the guys with the most tenure or the player who had a greater impact gets it first.  The player holding the cup will skate around the rink holding it high.  This is a feat in itself because I imagine the player is so tired from skating so hard all game, all season, then to hoist the 35 pound cup over their heads!  They hardly notice, I am sure, because they have been waiting for this moment since they could skate.

If the Boston Bruins win, then you’ll have to endure one more game but hopefully it will not be that bad now that you know what is at stake!