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It has been a bustle of a holiday season! And although you might have been surrounded by family did you really spend the quality time you wanted with the men in your life?  This New Years Eve weekend is your chance to take a break and hang out on the couch with the football fan(s) you love!  I approve!

For all the time you have dedicated to making the holidays perfect for your family, you can and you should cuddle up on the couch, with a blanket, and if it is football on the TV, take the opportunity to do one or more of the following:

  • Learn about the game that, often times, is the activity he prefers over whatever you had planned for on Saturday and Sunday
  • Ask your man questions on how to follow the game such as, who are we rooting for, what does this game mean to the winner, where is the game being played (this is a good one especially if it is a place you want to visit, you should mention it)?
  • Make a date to watch the team he is rooting for the next time they play
  • Place a bet with your man to gain something for you:  a dinner at a nice restaurant, a new couch, cuddle time; for example, if the team in white wins, you have to cuddle with me for 10 minutes tonight…

Please let me know which option you chose and how it worked for you.  I know that if you put some effort into it, while putting your own feet up, he will approve too.

The 2013 NFL season has arrived!  Players and coaches reported to training camps all over the country.  The teams get together, start getting to know each other again, play catch and practice.  What makes this the best news of the week is that it means the kickoff to the season is just around the corner.  In the past, ladies may have dreaded this time of year because, traditionally, you lose your man as he becomes infatuated with football.  Not this year!  I will provide you a guideline to football so you can appreciate the game, its players and your obsessed man.

1.  The kickoff to the 2013 season is Thursday, September 5 on NBC, Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos.  Some might say this is a preview of the AFC Conference match up to determine the AFC team in the 2013 Super Bowl.  It will be interesting to see how the Ravens defense fills the gigantic shoes of recently retired Ray Lewis.  Denver fans will be looking to Peyton Manning to exploit its holes.  Click here to see the rest of the Week 1 schedule.

2.  NFL jerseys are on sale now.  Is your man’s birthday soon?  Or, a ‘let’s celebrate the start of a fun NFL season together’ gift?  They also come in women’s sizes with cute, tighter cuts so you can still feel sexy while rooting on your man’s team at the bar or in the bedroom…have you heard that the NFL mesh jersey is the new lingerie?

This leads me to the final discussion point for this post:

3.  Fantasy football leagues are starting to develop.  Girls, if you learn that your man’s fantasy league needs a team (because all leagues need an even number of teams) go for it!  Most leagues are managed by a computer based program which makes it so easy.  Being involved will keep you invested in the games each week and if you beat your man, there is nothing better than bragging rights. Regardless, Fantasy Football drafts are usually scheduled on Labor Day weekend.  Please do not make any plans without first checking with your man to avoid disappointment.

Hopefully this is a start to turning around your football feelings this season.

My plan for today was to write more about baseball in general but today’s biggest news is not related to baseball and the purpose of this blog is to focus on current sporting events.  I may still add some baseball facts later on so check back.

Here is a little bit of off the field drama that may just catapult the drama-hungry woman, like me, into the world of sports:  Aaron Hernandez is a football player for the New England Patriots.  He plays the position of Tight End.  He is very, very good.  Last week, one of his friends with whom he was partying with, was shot multiple times and found by a jogger less than a mile from Hernandez’s house in Massachusetts.  Hernandez immediately became a suspect and has been under investigation ever since.  Finally, today, he was arrested which was expected.  What was not expected is that the New England Patriots fired him immediately.  Aaron Hernandez is not having a good day.  This is a very interesting story and certainly will provide you and your man a lot of material for conversation.  Follow up on the details of the story from ESPN.

Now, what makes this interesting from a football perspective is that Hernandez was expected to be the number one Tight End for the Patriots for this upcoming season.  The Patriots have been a top echelon team for over a decade.  The release of Hernandez brings into question how good can the Patriots be next year?  All eyes are going to be on the Pats, whether you are a fan of the team or not, so every girl should pay attention to their record for her man.

The other side of the story is that the Patriots recently signed Tim Tebow who was a shining star in college football but has not yet made an impact in the NFL.  But not for lack of trying.  He is definitely a media favorite and is talked about every week regardless of whether or not he plays.  He entered the NFL as a quarterback but could be re-positioned as a Tight End and probably will in light of this Hernandez situation.  If Tebow makes the team, which is still up in the air through camp, we will be watching his performance with bated breath.

This is situation is really something girls can get into and it has nothing to do with X’s and O’s (rules of the game).