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I do not mean to keep harping on Boston sports, even though I am from there and follow my home teams more than any other, but there have been so many sports stories coming out of there that I cannot ignore them.  Even the Boston Celtics have made it into the headlines this week.

First, the coach, Doc Rivers, was TRADED to the LA Clippers.  This was big news because trading a coach is virtually unheard of but Danny Ainge, the Celtics General Manager, somehow pulled it off.  Doc was with the Celtics for 9 years and we had pretty consistent success.  Now, we need to say goodbye to two additional key cogs in the Celtics engine, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  These players were two-thirds of the Boston Big Three Party (play on Boston Tea Party) who won the city an NBA championship in 2008.  They have been traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Paul Pierce has been with the Celtics since 1998 and that is saying something in today’s business of sports.  I really wish him well with his new team.

In the sports world, this is called the end of an era.  Ladies, the Boston Celtics have broken up and I am sad.