Category: Baseball

I am originally from Boston.  I physically live in Arizona now because you do not have to shovel sunshine but my sports heart lives in Boston.  And why not?  In the last nine years, each of the four major sports teams has won one at least one championship and before that the Boston Celtics (basketball) had Larry Bird.

It is very exciting to be from a sports town.  I have dated mostly Boston sports fans too but I have dabbled in other sports cities like Chicago and now Pittsburgh.  It has really given me an appreciation for other city sports traditions.  For example, the Chicago Cubs (baseball) have a song they play at the end of every winning game and I love it!  It is called Go Cubs Go.  I love this song so much that I just bought tickets to my first Spring Training game this season, San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs, this Sunday, where I will root for the Cubs to win so I can sing along.