Does the man in your life love sports?  Find out which team he roots for then continue to check back with me to learn a thing or two that you can discuss with him over a beer, a steak or while he washes his car.  See, from a young age, my dad taught me how to enjoy sports and we never ran out of conversation.  Unknowingly, my dad gave me the tools I used to flirt, awe and eventually land a few cool boyfriends who were also into sports.

Through this blog, I would like to pass my knowledge to you, my sisters in love and sports.  I will use dating terms to keep you interested while you learn the basic rules of football, baseball, hockey and basketball.  Additionally, I will give you updates on the most important sports news of the month, week and day.  You may even become interested enough in sports that you will want to follow your man’s team or find your own.  Then, you will always have something to talk about too.

Visit my First Date page to find the descriptions of the four major sports written in a simple way that will permit you to start watching a game with your guy today.  He will be surprised and maybe even a little suspicious of your interest but I guarantee, over time, he will appreciate your effort.  Little does he know, you have a sports-whisperer in your pocket.

The Movie Night page will give you a list of super cool movies for each sport genre that will get you excited for learning more about that sport and team.  Most sports themed movies are based on history so you may learn a tidbit of information such as a name of coach or a player or the outcome of a game which you can use over dinner during Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.  He will appreciate you for bringing up something other than the honey-do list or the bills.

When you are ready to advance your knowledge of the finer points of the game or a team,  find specific information on my Second Date page.  Your man will be impressed at the trivia you will be able to emit during a lull in a conversation.

Getting more involved in his sports interest will certainly deepen his interest in you!



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