Leisurely weekend…Approved!

It has been a bustle of a holiday season! And although you might have been surrounded by family did you really spend the quality time you wanted with the men in your life?  This New Years Eve weekend is your chance to take a break and hang out on the couch with the football fan(s) you love!  I approve!

For all the time you have dedicated to making the holidays perfect for your family, you can and you should cuddle up on the couch, with a blanket, and if it is football on the TV, take the opportunity to do one or more of the following:

  • Learn about the game that, often times, is the activity he prefers over whatever you had planned for on Saturday and Sunday
  • Ask your man questions on how to follow the game such as, who are we rooting for, what does this game mean to the winner, where is the game being played (this is a good one especially if it is a place you want to visit, you should mention it)?
  • Make a date to watch the team he is rooting for the next time they play
  • Place a bet with your man to gain something for you:  a dinner at a nice restaurant, a new couch, cuddle time; for example, if the team in white wins, you have to cuddle with me for 10 minutes tonight…

Please let me know which option you chose and how it worked for you.  I know that if you put some effort into it, while putting your own feet up, he will approve too.