Walk off

The most storied rivalry in baseball is the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  ESPN presented the final game in the series between these two teams on Sunday night and it was a thriller.  It was an emotional see saw of a game with several lead changes and extra innings.  It finally ended with a walk off home run in the bottom of the 11th.

There is nothing more exciting than to end the game in a walk off situation.  This can only be done by the home team because the home team has the last offensive opportunity.  This means that if the home team scores during their at bat, from the 9th inning or beyond, they have ‘walked off.’  It can be a home run or any type of run batted in (RBI).  The bottom line is that the home team has won the game.

In recent years, a tradition surrounding walk offs has been embraced by every major league team.  After the hit and the win is official, the entire team runs from the dugout and meets the hitter, the hero, on the field.  If it was a home run, the team encircles home plate and waits for the hitter to round the bases.  As he approaches the plate, his teammates ready themselves to pounce on him in boyish celebration.  If it was a base hit, the same thing happens, just some where else on the field.

As a project manager, I know what it is like to save the day now and again, but no one runs up to me with high fives and slaps on the back.   Last night I watched my Red Sox win the game with a walk off home run.  If I could have, I would have run onto the field to join the party. Instead, I sat on my couch at 1:15 AM with a silly grin on my face.