Game on!

Baseball is back for the second half starting tonight.  And the schedule rewards its fans by giving us rivalry weekend.  Most games are between clubs in the same division so if the win-loss record is close, we may see movement in first, second, third place teams.  Remember to visit the MLB standings page to check out the Games Back (GB) column for your favorite team.

Previously, I mentioned the Wild Card Games Back (WCGB) column and promised to explain it later.  Now is a good time because it is going to come into play sooner rather than later.  Also, it may take a few posts to understand.

In baseball, each league, American and National, has a Wild Card standing.  As we discussed in the Fever Pitch post on June 27, the top team in each division, East, Central and West, makes the playoffs.  The Wild Card team is the team with the best record after the winners of the divisions are announced and it does not matter which division the Wild Card team hails from.  This means that at least one division per league has two teams making the playoffs.  This could get really exciting because of the rivalries that exist between the clubs in each division.

Baseball tracks Wild Card Games Back for us so we do not have to worry about the calculation.  Phew!  You’ll want to keep your eyes on the WCGB column if your team is not in first place within their division because I am saying there is still a chance.  Post season play really makes buying your team’s T-shirt worth it.  Please don’t buy the pink one, though.