All stars report

I think that even though a lady may have never watched sports before, she has heard of an All Star Game. For good and bad, each sport hosts its own all star game. Each sport makes it an event to entice fans to pay attention. Baseball succeeds all other sports in this by creating tension and drama. First, there is the Home Run Derby the night before the game. Granted, each other sport has a skills competition too but the Home Run Derby happens on a night when no other sport is playing so it always gets all the attention.  Plus, if you remember, we have previously discussed the importance and the excitement of the long ball (home run). This fantastic event is like no other and a girl will be amazed, alongside her man, in no time. If you have the chance to watch it this year, please do. You won’t be sorry.

Second, the All Star Game marks the end of the first half of the season. At this point each team and individual player will be judged on his performance thus far. If you are doing well, the analysts will just double your numbers hoping you’ll break a record by the end of the season. And so the fans watch, praying the ‘all star break’ did not prevent the streak to continue. I will continue to let you if history will be made this year.

Finally, a rule has been implemented that states the winner of the All Star Game, National League v American League, will have home field advantage during the World Series. This has become so important because the majority if the teams that have home field advantage have won the World Series title.  This fairly new rule makes the baseball All Star Game more important than any other; it makes the outcome of the game significant.

Still your man may not watch the game but he will certainly want to know the outcome so be sure to pay attention Tuesday night.