No hitter!

Last night was very exciting for baseball because one of those major league achievements I discussed in yesterday’s post actually happened!  A no-hitter.  Homer Bailey with the Cincinnati Reds threw a no-hit game against the World Champions San Francisco Giants.  This means that the Giants were unable to record any base hits against this one pitcher during any of the 9 innings they were at bat.  This is Homer Bailey’s second no-hitter of his career but only the 281st no-hitter of all time.

There was only one black mark on the night for Bailey and that came in the 7th inning when he walked one batter.  If not for this walk, he could have thrown a perfect game which means no hits, no walks.  Essentially, no men on base for 9 innings.  There have only been 23 perfect games thrown all time!

To prove how exciting this is, radio announcers of other teams start talking about it and the TV stations, start airing live look-ins to the game.  When the no-hitter is final, the pitcher’s teammates get so excited, they jump around on the field and the pitcher’s mound.  There are handshakes from coaches and management staff.  I am sure that even the other team, the one that just got beat, feels a sense of delight for the pitcher’s accomplishment.

It is one of my dreams to see a no-hitter as a fan, in the stands; where the tension grows with each batter and then releases with the out.  I better start going to more games to increase my chances to be a part of history.