It’s a numbers game

In my previous post, I mentioned that baseball is strongly linked to statistics.  In fact, the numbers may be what makes the game so fascinating to some.  When you watch and listen to a game you will notice the announcers constantly reference past players’ achievements and compare the current players’ performances.  There are really some major accomplishments and every year, baseball fans watch and analyze.  Of course, as today’s players get closer to breaking this or that record, the news gets bigger and anyone is sure to hear about it on ESPN or FOX Sports.  For example, when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were going head to head for the home run record in 1998, my mother was giving me game by game updates even though I was also watching closely.  But the excitement is contagious.  That is why I want to give you girls a few numbers that may interest you enough to pay attention and check for the numbers yourselves.

For me, as a girl, the most exciting play in today’s game is the home run especially when I am watching the game live.  The current single season home run record is held by Barry Bonds set in 2001 at 73.  To prove that hitting a home run is not as simple as ESPN makes it look, check it out:  the average hitter is at bat between 500 and 600 times in a season and yet a major league ball player, a great hitter, only hits 73 home runs in that many chances.

Currently, there is a player with the Baltimore Orioles, Chris Davis, that has hit 31 home runs so far this season.  This is a first-half of the season record for the Orioles already and there is still a week left.  I realize that this means if we expect him to do just as good in the second half of the season, it is still does not break the record but it is going to be close.  We’ll watch this very exciting player together.