And the cheese stands alone

Well, Chicago did win the Stanley Cup last night.  It was an amazing playoff and both teams should be proud of their accomplishments.  The break between now and the beginning of the next hockey season is short.  If your man is missing hockey in midsummer, get him to watch Miracle or Slapshot to get his fill.  He’ll appreciate your efforts.

So, now the cheese stands alone…baseball.  We are very lucky baseball is our national pastime.  It brings to mind lazy summer days, games under the lights and cold beers.  A baseball game is a great opportunity for a date night with your guy or spending some time with your dad, brother or favorite uncle.  If you are single, grab your wing-girl and head to a game on your own.  You might meet a handsome baseball fan.

I’ll help you with the basics so you can enjoy the game.  Turn to your man to learn more details; he’ll be excited about your interest and feel needed when you ask him to explain this or that.

Email me your questions to get this conversation started!